2008 Bluebird vision 72psg

2008 Bluebird Visions, Sold new and used in a non corrosive state, nice bus at a great price. See details

08 Bluebird 72psg

Nice buses from a non corrosive environment  See details

2007 Thomas C2 72psg

07 Freightliner Thomas C2 Tennessee. Spec\'s Air Brakes 2500 Transmission See details

07 Freightliner Thomas 72psg

2007 Freightliner Thomas 72 psg #5412 Hydraulic Brakes See details

2007 GMC Diesel \

2007 GMC Diesel Air Conditioning LIKE NEW! Don\'t Miss These.... See details

08 Blue Bird Vision

This Blue Bird Is ready For Tenn. And has front and Rear Air Conditioning. Don\\\\\\\'t Miss this one!! See details

2008  Bluebird vision 72psg 08 Bluebird 72psg 2007 Thomas C2 72psg 07 Freightliner Thomas 72psg 2007 GMC Diesel \ 08 Blue Bird Vision
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BusMart Inc. serves as an online warehouse for used buses carried not only by BusMart Inc, but also by schools and organizations nation-wide.

How Buying a Bus Works on
BusMart Inc. serves as an online warehouse for used buses carried not only by BusMart Inc, but also by schools and organizations nation-wide. Sellers on have the option to sell their buses outright for a set price or allow bidding on their buses by either mailed sealed bids or online through email. These options are explained below:

This Bus is for Sale!
Buses for sale on are set at a price determined by the seller. You may contact the seller with any questions or comments, but the actual purchase will be on a first come, first served basis. Simply use the contact information provided in the listing to contact the seller for purchase.

This Bus is for Bid!
Buses with this heading are being "auctioned" off by the seller. They may list a starting asking price, but you are free to submit your offer for any amount. Buses up for bid are designated as accepting "mailed sealed" or "email" bids, as determined by the seller.

If a seller requests mailed sealed bids you must use postal mail to deliver your bid to the address provided on the listing. You may still email or call the seller with questions or comments, but only mailed bids will be considered. A seller requesting email bids, however, will accept email bids through the contact form located by clicking the "This Bus is for Bid" button on the listing. This form allows you to submit your initial bid, along with a maximum bid in case you are outbid by someone else. Our website will track your bid, along with any others, and proxy the highest amount so you aren't outbid at the last minute! You can see auction results live in real-time by simply viewing the listing you are interested in. If you are outbid, you'll be notified through email so you can have a chance to bid again!

When bidding on a bus posted on, please realize that it is up to the seller audit the bids and keep the selling price current. If you have any questions about a bus or a bid, please contact the sellers directly.

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