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Sell Your Bus

Why should you sell your bus on

Selling a used bus can have a lot of drawbacks. Dealers are limited and offer low trade-in allowances. Only a few buyers will contact you to be on your bid list. Not many locals will see your sale bill in your local newspaper, or for that matter be interested in owning and purchasing a bus. The national bus auctions are usually hundreds of miles away and can create problems for you with transportation and liability – not to mention costing you time, high fuel costs and steep commissions. All of this comes together to lower the dollars for your organizations transportation needs.

Now there is a better choice:! You now have the opportunity to sell your used buses across the nation and the world on our website. Your sale offer will appear 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! This is a great opportunity to maximize your sales and your transportation funds!

How do you sell your bus on our website?
Selling your bus on is easy. Simply click on the submittal form button below to begin, and within minutes you’ll be uploading pictures, descriptions, pricing and contact information. You can list your asking price, along with specifying whether you prefer mailed, sealed bids or would like to take immediate e-mail bids for a faster auction!

Best of all, BusMart Inc. can sell your bus right from your location without all the hassle with no big 6-10% commissions. As a special introductory offer, a simple set-up fee of only $25.00 will post your bus on our site for 90 days. We also advertise for you by putting our website in school bus publications and various search engines such as Google and Yahoo, along with other media. Selling your bus on is not just a good opportunity, it is a good investment.

If for any reason you are unable to post your bus we can post it for you - a nominal fee will be charged.  Please contact us through the contact page. 

Selling your bus on is simple and easy!
1. Fill out the submittal form.
2. Include in the description whether you’ll be accepting sealed bids (mailed or emailed) or not.
3. Pay conveniently online through PayPal and you’re done!

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